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Congo Mission Trip

During June 5-20, 2008, our church will be participating in a mission trip to the Congo. Our missionaries will visit Kinshasa, Lumbumbashi, Likasi, and Luila Village in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our mission team physically going to the Congo consists of Don Davis, Jessica Lindsey, Hanna Lindsey, Raymond Kinzounza, Gigi Kinzounza, Pastor Bob, and Reba Patton (Jessica and Hanna’s grandmother).


The primary focus of this trip is to spread God's word. However this is also an opportunity for Park Avenue Baptist Church to minister to the needs of these communities. The mission team has been blessed by the donations and giving by the chruch. A devotional has been developed for this month. You may recieve a hard copy at the chruch or you may access it by selecting the "Devotional" link to the left.
THE TEAM – May 3rd, the team had great fellowship at the Kinzounza home, shared a wonderful meal, heard the hearts of the Phambu’s for Luuila Village and watched a DVD presentation of the ongoing work there, reviewed the team’s itinerary, sang, worshiped and prayed. Hearts were knit together; peace spoke forth from each heart rejoicing in answered prayer whereby the Lord had cast out all fear! The evening proved to be a glorious time in the Lord! 
PAPERWORK, VISAS, PASSPORTS – Made their journeys with amazing speed and are safely in the hands of their rightful owners!
FINANCES – Jehovah Jireh is providing! The rummage sale items translated into a significant amount of money. Many have given offerings for which the team and the church are greatly appreciative. 
WATER PURIFICATION BOTTLES, MOSQUITO NETS – Purchased and delivered by Cheryl Bingemer to the team at the May 3rd meeting!
PEACE – This was a specific prayer request in May; as reported above under THE TEAM, our incredible God has answered that one. The testimonies from the team members were amazing!
Realizing that these needs have been in the two previous prayer journals, they are being emphasized in this edition because the time is at hand! The physical, material and logistical provision will only equate to a vacation if the spiritual preparedness of our team is neglected. Therefore, Prayer Warriors, pray diligently for our team to put on the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:13-18). Likewise, pray for the spiritual preparedness of the recipients of the teaching, preaching and expressions of love. 
Spiritual                 Physical                Material                 Logistical
Clean hearts          Sound bodies        Finances                Travel
Right spirit            Good health           Supplies                 Clear direction
Christ focused       Strong voices        Luggage                  Accommodations
Holy Spirit led        Iron stomachs      Safe food/water        Foodservice
Scripture recall      Clear minds           Bible related          Study time & place
Government           Lives                     Passports/papers   Gov. of Africa
Prayer requests for June 1 – 21:
-       For God the Father, Jesus the Son and our ever-present Holy Spirit to be high and lifted up!
-       For every source of transportation to be under Divine protection; that there will be no malfunctions
-       For every operator of every airplane, boat, automobile, ferry, etc. to be proficient in the operation and controls of these vessels
-       For protection especially in the airports from unscrupulous authorities and thieves
-       For carry-on luggage to be within weight/size regulations
-       For every ticket for transportation to be accurate
-       For overnight accommodations to be sufficient
-       For meals to be nourishing
-       For the baggage to arrive at every destination promptly and without incident
-       For supplies to be easily transported and arrive at the predetermined destinations, and that our team will have the joy of distributing them
-       Protection against motion sickness in the various modes of transportation
-       For everyone to remain healthy/physical strength
-       Protection from insects, snakes, other harmful creatures
-       Protection from food and water sources that may not agree with every team member
-       Rest and renewed physical and spiritual strength
-       Finances to be plentiful
-       For the Kinzounza’s voices and throats to be strong and hearing to be sharp for interpretation purposes
-       For the ladies to have lots of opportunities to minister to women and children
-       For the men to be sharp and ready to teach and preach to the men and the pastors
-       For Bro. Bob to be Holy Spirit led to meet the challenges the people face and to give them strong truth from the Word of God that will grow them spiritually and fit them for abundant life here and prepare them for eternity; pray for him to have wisdom and discernment in every teaching, preaching opportunity
-       For all the governments that are involved to be at peace and kind; for each meeting they encounter to be cordial and the Holy Spirit’s presence to be felt!
-       For our team and the people to whom they minister to build relationships that will continue throughout eternity
-       For the churches and their leaders to be strengthened in the faith, encouraged, and to be better equipped
-       For spiritual leaders to emerge
-       Pastors Edouard Moukala & Raymond Moukala in Brazzaville (Pastor Raymond Moukala was the pastor of the church attended by the Kinzounza’s when they were in Congo)
-       Kinshasa Pastor
-       Bishop Jonas Majila in Likasi
-       For the families of the Mission Team Members while they are apart from their loved ones

 Job 34:6 (NAS)
Should I lie concerning my right? My wound is incurable, I though I am without transgression.'
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